Welcome to Into Nintendo!

into_nintendo_profile_imageWelcome to Into Nintendo!, “a community for Nintendo fans, by Nintendo fans!”

What exactly do we mean by that? Well, Into Nintendo! is meant to be a place where Nintendo fans of all ages can share their passion for all things Nintendo.

There are many levels at which you can participate in the community! Leave comments on the site, talk with us on Twitter, or email us anything Nintendo-related at contact@intonintendo.com. We are anxious to talk to you, the fellow fans!

We are also looking for fan-created content of all kinds. Write a game review and send it to us in an email, and we’ll work through the details of publishing it. Tweet your fan art to us, leave a comment on the site with your game impressions…everyone has a voice, and our aim is to see that yours is heard if you so desire! There’s no long term commitment necessary on your part, but regular contributors are always welcome, so don’t hesitate to take that first step if you have any interest in joining what I like to call the “core staff” of Into Nintendo!

So keep an eye out for some great future content, including news, reviews, features, and more! Isn’t it great to be Into Nintendo!?


Author: H. Jolynn Fellmeth

Site creator | Fire Emblem fanatic | Natural redhead

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