Interview with Taylor Hajash, creator of Tiny Galaxy

This interview was published at on April 26, 2016:

We had the chance to interview Taylor Hajash, creator of Tiny Galaxy for Wii U.

Tiny Galaxy is the first game you made or at least you published. Tell me about the moment you decided to bring it to Wii U.

Yeah, Tiny Galaxy was the first full game I made and released into the wild. The choice to bring it to the Wii U was pretty easy. They said yes! Hahaha. I’m looking into bringing it to other platforms now.

The reactions after the US release were harsh. Retrospectively, what would you make different if you could?

Yeah the reaction was harsh. I was new to making games too and didn’t expect it. There really isn’t anything I can say as far as what I’d do differently because we’re doing it now with Tiny Galaxy: The Do Over.

How did you deal with this critics personally?

It depends. I’m the type of person who, if you’re slamming me or my games in a mature and professional way, then I don’t really care. Everyone has their opinions. But if it’s someone who’s being a jerk just for the sake of being a jerk or trying to start trouble, then I’ll probably shoot my mouth off or say something. LOL

After all the critics you didn’t give up and worked on this huge update and the Europe release. Other game developers don’t do this and go on with the next project. You didn’t. Explain.

When I was making Tiny Galaxy, I didn’t really play many games. I bought a lot, played like 15-30 minutes of them and went back to work. I was in over my head and stressing about the game. So when it launched, it wasn’t the best game it could be. But it was the best game I could I make at the time. After I released it, I pretty much said “forget about making games” and just went through and started playing a bunch of games. I started to notice things in games differently, understand things differently etc… I made a few small games and it went really fast and smoothly. I started looking into bringing Tiny Galaxy to other platforms and when I started looking at the code and stuff I just automatically started fixing things. It suddenly changed the game a lot, I showed it to Sara and she just started making better art. Then Matt came on and started reworking the soundtrack and that’s better now too. As far as an EU release, I always wanted to, but I couldn’t afford it then… but now it’s officially coming to Europe with the new version.

The update is huge! So much changed. It’s kind of a remake. What are the 3 major changes?

Man I don’t know. There are so many changes. There’s a new working level select, better menus, new art, better coding, new music, new worlds, new levels, challenge levels. Right now its totaling 96 levels (editor’s note: instead of just 60), and its a much much more professional quality game than when we first started making it. This time its all about the details, dust when Orion jumps, apples in a tree slightly swaying in the wind… things like that.





What will come after Tiny Galaxy? Do you already have new fresh game ideas?

I’m actually working on a roguelike right now for our next game. Random levels, random characters, permadeath, pixel art. The usual roguelike stuff. Haha.

Thanks Taylor for this interview. It’s awesome the get such a huge update. This is not a given if you compare to other game developers and publishers. We’re looking forward to finally playing Tiny Galaxy in Europe.

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