Pokémon Day! (Community Post)


We have more fond memories to share:

Why I play Pokémon?

It all started when I came to my middle school one morning, and guess what I saw!? Everyone, and I mean just about everyone, playing Pokémon no matter where I looked. (Kind of like crowed scenes of people playing PokémonGo, last summer.)

3 of my own friends were already playing it, and from that point I was determined to pick up this game for myself, even though I knew nothing whatsoever about Pokémon!

I asked my school friend for a few more dollars to have enough for Pokémon Blue Version, and rode my little 1-speed bike 35miles round-trip to Toys R Us after school!

What about the series draws me in?

Exploring the entire game world, and making connections in the real world! What I found in-game made an impact on what I did in connecting with other Pokémon trainers in the real life, and vice-versa!



I’ve been a fan of Pokémon ever since I was a kid, I still collect cards and play the games to this day! 🙂 I guess the thought of going out and capturing every Pokémon is fun, though I’m able to do that with Pokémon Go. xD I’m a fan because it’s something from my childhood that’s still going strong to this day. Just today I traded cards with a little kid who was about 10 years old, just seeing his face as he looked at my old cards back from the 90’s just touched my heart. 🙂 Pokémon brings people of all generations together, has been for 21 years. (Don’t mind the drawing, did that before I got better at drawing.)


Danielle Le Beau


I was originally drawn to Pokémon because back in the 90’s handheld pets and collecting things was HUGE! Pokémon combined all of those things into one. And the tv show was on right after school. How could you go wrong with a Poké-rap? They branded it pretty well, I mean just look at the competition–Digimon. I remember watching the show, but my loyalties went to Pokemon. Cards, Game Boy games, tv show, etc. But really, the fact that they were these cute little critters you could collect and name, and the fact that there was a funny tv show to boot, that’s what drew me in. And now that I’m older I still play for those reasons, and nostalgia, and the fact that the games are so well made. They have challenges. POKéMON ROCKS!

Kellie W.


Happy Pokémon Day, everyone! 21 years ago today, Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green arrived in Japan, marking the beginning of what would become a worldwide phenomenon. To celebrate, we thought we’d ask Pokémon fans to answer two simple questions: why do you play Pokémon? What about the series draws you in? Here are some of your responses:

The artwork for Pokémon is what grabbed my attention, but the idea that you could ‘collect’ amazing creatures, raise them, and have them evolve – blew my mind as a kid.  Who hasn’t thought about going on an adventure like Ash and having amazing creatures help you along the way? As the artwork and play style changed with each game it became more and more addicting. New Pokémon, new adventures, new evolutions!  So much so that Pokémon is pretty much my life as far as collecting (cards, figures, games) and art (fan art, t-shirt designs, commissions). Pokemon design, story lines, and the aspect of ‘Gotta catch’em all’ is one of the most nostalgic yet exhilarating feelings!


Melissa Somerville

LadyTank Studios


I’ve been a longtime player of Pokémon. I started with Pokémon Blue 20 years ago and have been a regular of the series all along. I’ve trained thousands of monsters over the years, and captured and traded even more. I’ve played every core game in the series, except Black 2/White 2. I used to believe my addiction to collecting sets was the reason I kept coming back. Then, I thought it might be the fact that the series brings people all over the world together. It only recently hit me, why I keep coming back.

Pokémon is a game that lets you play how you want. As I’ve gone through the last 20 years, I’ve wanted different things from the series. I’ve gone through phases of collecting monsters. I’ve gone through phases of collecting different forms of specific monsters. I’ve been obsessed with breeding the strongest monsters possible. I’ve played the game with only 6 Pokémon from start to finish. I’ve completed the Living National Pokèdex. And most recently, I’ve been building a competitive battle team of non-Legendary Pokémon. No matter how I want to play, the game allows me to play the way I feel like playing at that point of my life. Even Zelda does not give you that much versatility in gameplay styles. Although, that may change at the end of the week.

Oh, and how could we talk Pokémon and not mention the ‘Mon of all ‘Mons, Pikachu! One of the few video game characters of all time almost as recognizable as Mario himself. He’s been a staple of my teams since Gen 1. To this day, although Alolan Raichu has since taken his place, he has had a permanent spot on my teams. Recognizable, cute, surprisingly versatile, he has always been a valuable part of my roster.



Basically I play Pokémon because it was a way to bridge gaps and be a bonding method for my father and I (not that we weren’t close but he made the effort to get into it with me so we did it together) that gave me some of my best childhood moments. I still have the Charmander doll he won me when I was 6.


Mike McSurdy

Author: H. Jolynn Fellmeth

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