Interview with Walfrido Abejón, creator of FreezeME

This interview was published at on May 3, 2016:

We had the chance to interview Walfrido Abejón, creator of FreezeME for WiiU.

What was the initial moment you decided to make a Mario 64 offspring?

Mario 64 is probably the title that had the biggest impact on my game development career. When I first played Mario 64 I spent so much time just running around the castle with no specific purpose, I felt like a kid in a playground. I always wanted to recreate a similar feeling for the players.

FreezeME doesn’t just copy Mario 64. You improved so many elements. What made you sure you could go in the right direction with your ideas?

Saying that I improved over Mario 64 is a big statement 😛 , I still think Mario 64 is far superior. When I developed FreezeME I wanted to include something new (other than bigger levels) that wasn’t as intrusive as the water tool on Sunshine, and that’s the main idea behind the “freezing” mechanic. I also wanted to put more inhabitants to create different gameplay situations like in Banjo Kazooie.

We have a lot of tourists in Switzerland and “R” with her camera is looking like one of them. I like her. She’s not a extravagant overpowered Super hero. How was the designing process from “R”? Is there a backstory?rnrm9giU

“R” is based on my girlfriend and her photography “obsession”. She doesn’t wear much colorful clothes. The only one she has in a yellow pullover… 😛

Who made the sound of the pigs? Do you use it as ringtone on your smartphone?

Haha! No no, I bought most of them in the Unity Asset Store apart from Piggleton, who was recorded by yours truly ‘:)

What are your future plans with FreezeME? Will there be updates, DLCs, ports to other consoles, a sequel?

I´m working now on the Japanese version and a port to a different console that I will hopefully announce soon. After that I would like to work on a different project, but yeah I would like to revisit FreezeME in a way or another in the future 🙂

Thanks Walfrido for this interview and the awesome time we had with FreezeME.


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