Upcoming indie games will take advantage of HD rumble on Nintendo Switch

A slew of indie games are heading to Nintendo Switch this year; during today’s Nindie Showcase, Nintendo spotlighted many of the ones that will be taking advantage of the Switch-exclusive HD rumble feature:


This one is a couch co-op game in which 1-4 players need to prepare and serve meals for impatient restaurant customers. HD rumble will provide the physical impression of ingredients being chopped, soup sloshing around, and more. It’ll be out on Nintendo Switch sometime this year.


Dandara is a 2-D action platformer that sees the player jumping in all directions, from floor to ceiling to wall, etc., to explore and fight. There are no specifics on how HD rumble will be integrated, but support for the feature has been confirmed. It’ll hit the Nintendo Switch eShop this summer.

Graceful Explosion Machine

The titular Graceful Explosion Machine, or GEM fighter for short, is a versatile weapon players will control when the game debuts on Nintendo Switch this April. HD rumble will give you a more precise tactile experience as explosions erupt on the screen.

Mr. Shifty

Using a short-range teleportation mechanic, players will sneak through the world’s most high-security building “one floor at a time” in Mr. Shifty, which also debuts on Nintendo Switch in April. HD rumble will constantly be at work as you “shift” around on the screen, fighting baddies and dodging incoming fire.


Guide a delicate seed carefully through obstacle-ridden paths by balancing it on a rod in Tumbleseed, “a rolly roguelike”. HD rumble should work really well in this one; I imagine it’ll be like the 1-2 Switch game in which you try to feel how many “balls” there are in the Joy-Con; as the seed moves back and forth, you will be able to feel where it is. Expect to see this game on the Nintendo Switch this Spring!

To see trailers for some of these games and more, check out the YouTube playlist I put together!

Author: H. Jolynn Fellmeth

Site creator | Fire Emblem fanatic | Natural redhead

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