fakt00r’s 3 most anticipated indies on Switch in 2017

Nindies on Switch

Yesterday Nintendo delivered a firework of good indie games coming this year on Switch. That isn’t just my opinion. Actually 12 thousand gave the following video a thumbs up and about 400 people a thump down. That’s remarkable.

Nintendo asked and the indies delivered. And they don’t just port them over to the Switch. They add extra features like Rumble HD support, local multiplayer mode or will be timed exclusives. There are so many good indie games coming on Switch in 2017 that my wallet and my free time will be totally squeezed out at the end of the year. Fast RMX, SteamWorld Dig 2, Blaster Master Zero, Mr. Shifty, Yooka-Laylee… But my personally most anticipated indies in 2017 are the following 3 titles.

The Escapists 2

I played the prequel on PC. It’s a mix of puzzle and role-playing with a top-down view. It’s fun but unforgiving. You plan your breakout, craft and hide tools, clobber other prisoners and then on day X you mess it up. The guards catch you and bring you back into your prison cell, without your tools of course. You lost it all. As I said: it’s unforgiving. But it’s so much fun if you finally achieve to escape.

The sequel will also support multiplayer, so you can escape together with your friends. And it will deliver more of the same. More items, deeper character customization, more ways to escape. So this promises even more fun.

Flipping Death

I like Tim Burton’s style in movies like Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride. Last year I played Shadow Puppeteer and Don’t Starve on Wii U, which also have this creepy and dark, but charming art style. So the art style, music and voice acting is one thing I like in Flipping Death.

The gameplay is also promising. It’s a mix of adventure, platforming and puzzle. You flip between the living and dead worlds, posses the living and use them to solve puzzles. I’m sure it will keep my brain busy and will bring a skull full of laughs with its dark humor.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley isn’t a new game. OK, it’s new on a Nintendo console and it will deliver multiplayer. So why I’m so strongly looking forward to it?

I’m on the fence for Stardew Valley since it was released on PC. I never picked it up on PC or another console cause I like to play games like this mobile. I knew they would never port it to the 3DS and I never hoped for a smartphone version. So it was hard to resist.

Since Nintendo finally announced the Switch and we later got the information that we will get Stardew Valley on it, I was happy like a rabbit on a carrot farm. Finally mobile!

Author: fakt00r

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