Holly’s 3 most anticipated indies coming to Switch

The other staff members and I found it both difficult and easy to decide upon our lists of 3 most anticipated indie games coming to Nintendo Switch. Difficult how? Choosing just 3 is pretty hard! Easy how? The enormous variety of Nindies coming this year meant that we didn’t have to argue about who got to talk about which games! My list is as follows:


Fans of Advance Wars may have felt an affinity with this game when Nintendo revealed the trailer for it during their Nindies Showcase. The game is sure to be packed with that sweet, sweet turn-based tactics gameplay, as it features 4 warring factions and 12 commanders, each with their own campaign. It also includes online and local multiplayer for up to 4 people, but the map creator is what has me most excited. WarGroove will hit the eShop on Switch sometime this year. Check out the trailer below:

Specter of Torment

The pedigree behind this game guarantees I will love it. The story takes place before Shovel of Hope (the main Shovel Knight campaign) and promises to reveal the very origins of the Order of No Quarter, in which Specter Knight plays an important role. The trailer below shows off the unsurprisingly gorgeous 8-bit-inspired visuals, as well as a sampling of music from the incredibly talented Jake Kaufman. Specter Knight’s gameplay emphasizes movement and action, and it looks great. Specter of Torment will be available on the Nintendo Switch this Friday, March 3!


I’m always looking for games my sister will play with me, and it seems Overcooked! might just fit the bill perfectly. In it, up to 4 friends work together to prepare and serve dishes for impatient customers. It helps that the Food Network is popular in my household, plus co-op is my preferred flavor of multiplayer, so Overcooked!, due to arrive on Nintendo Switch sometime this year, is definitely on my radar.


Author: H. Jolynn Fellmeth

Site creator | Fire Emblem fanatic | Natural redhead

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