Interview with DrinkBox Studios

This interview was published at on October 6, 2016:

We had the chance to interview Chris McQuinn, Designer/PR from DrinkBox Studios:

Many gamers loved the unused Mexican myth setting behind Guacamelee. It was so fresh to me as well and combined with the graphics, music and controls it was one of the best games I played in 2014 on my Wii U. Please tell us from the early beginnings how the idea behind Guacamelee began.juan_aguacate

The genesis of Guacamelee! originated from a few ideas that came from a “pitch” meeting a long time ago in the basement of our old office. One idea presented was a platformer where your traversal moves also served as combat moves. Another idea pitched was setting a game based on Mexican folklore, with the main character being a luchador. I also believe there was a dimension swapping idea for a platformer – that worked nicely  in with the Mexican folklore idea with the Day of the Dead dimension. A real mix and match of ideas.

What and how was the moment you realized that you created something big with Guacamelee?

For me personally it was seeing the reaction of people when we first showed the game publically at a gaming expo – PAX. (I forget if this was Pax East or Pax West.) Regardless, all the media and convention attendees were really excited – genuine excitement – not just polite excitement. There is definitely a difference between the two.

Is there a little chance that we will see a sequel or spinoff from Guacamelee? Did you already think about that?

We love the world of Guacamelee! and worked on that title plus subsequent DLC for a long time. A break was needed. As a studio it is important to work on new ideas to keep life interesting. With that said I’m certain we’ll return to the world of Guacamelee! at some point, I just don’t know when.

Nintendo fans never had the chance to play “About a Blob” on their console. Is there a chance you will port this on 3DS or Wii U too?

About a Blob was a fine game, our sequel Mutant Blobs Attack was fantastic! Unfortunately I find it unlikely we will bring either title to the 3DS or the WiiU.

severed-two-column-01-psvita-eu-16dec15With the release of SEVERED you delivered something way different than before. And again you delivered with high quality. What’s the secret behind your success?

That is a long answer. I’ll say one of the secrets is being a bit disciplined on what we can achieve. For us it is important to focus on the important aspects of what we feel makes our game good, and polish those. This requires cutting a lot of ideas that are not core to the game. The danger is trying to get every idea into your game, and never being able to polish all of them to the level that people have come to expect from us.

And at last: What’s your favorite drink in a box? 🙂

Mango without a doubt – very difficult to find though!

A huge THANK YOU to all members of DrinkBox Studios for your awesome games on Wii U & 3DS and of course Chris for this interview.


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