Something is rotten in the state of…

…Switzerland. Not really, but I was really confused with the pricing of some games on Nintendo Switch in Switzerland. The Nintendo Switch is region free and all consumers are thankful that Nintendo finally listened to their fans. It’s possible to play Japanese cartridges on your European or American Switch. It’s also possible to create an American account on a European Switch and buy games digitally.

Without all these borders, it should be logical that the pricing of the games should come closer all around the world. But at the start of the Nintendo Switch, this wasn’t the case in Switzerland. Maybe in your country as well. So please let us know in the comments below.

It’s also logical that the retail price and eShop price should be more or less equal, just because Nintendo doesn’t want to provoke retailers. For consumers the digital version of a game should be cheaper than a retail version. Two points why:

  • It’s possible to resell a retail version. Not possible with a digital version.
  • Because of a digital version, you may also have to buy a microSD card to extend your storage. Not necessary so with a retail version, so you may have some extra costs.

Let me now show what confused me so much about the eShop prices in Switzerland. Actually, $1 is about CHF 1.014. So you can compare the prices easy 1 to 1. The prices within the eShop are much higher than retail. That makes absolutely no sense.

Super Bomberman R

The eShop price in Switzerland is irrationally high.

USA Switzerland
Retail $ 49.99 CHF 52.00
eShop $ 49.99 (+0.0%) CHF 70.00 (+34.6%)

Zelda – Breath of the Wild

Again the eShop price is way too high!

USA Switzerland
Retail $ 59.99 CHF 68.00
eShop $ 59.99 (+0.0%) CHF 89.00 (+30.8%)


Retail in Switzerland is cheaper than in the USA. But also the eShop version here is way too pricey.

USA Switzerland
Retail $ 49.99 CHF 39.90
eShop $ 49.99 (+0.0%) CHF 64.90 (+62.6%)


There’s no retail version of this great game. But you can save some bucks if you buy a game key online!

USA Switzerland
gamesrocket CHF 18.50
wog CHF 24.90
eShop $ 19.99 CHF 28.00 (+51.3%)

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