Spoiler-Free Tips for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Community Post)

Read all the descriptions for items and be creative! So much is possible.

Mike J.

Take pictures.

Anthony R.


Follow the first few story missions to get really helpful gear!

Oscar P.


Follow the road to Kakariko Village.

Cnc C.


Pick your battles.

David B.


Learn to dodge and parry early on. It is very important later.

David G.


Don’t let dying a lot discourage you, with enough practice you can beat anything, and running is always an option.

David V.


Only use sledge hammers or bombs for mining.

Anthony A.


Screenshot recipes.

Kevin T.


If you can’t climb, glide from a higher point.

Giancarlo S.


Find armor and great fairies, their perks are the best and you can survive any climate changes!

Jesse D.


Heated and cooled weapons help in other climates too.

Trintin C.


Have fun…and explore. Don’t be in a hurry to finish the game. It’s too pretty and fun to rush. 🙂



Enjoy every moment, a game like this does not come very often.



Author: H. Jolynn Fellmeth

Site creator | Fire Emblem fanatic | Natural redhead

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