Something is rotten in the state of…

…Switzerland. Not really, but I was really confused with the pricing of some games on Nintendo Switch in Switzerland. The Nintendo Switch is region free and all consumers are thankful that Nintendo finally listened to their fans. It’s possible to play Japanese cartridges on your European or American Switch. It’s also possible to create an American account on a European Switch and buy games digitally.

Without all these borders, it should be logical that the pricing of the games should come closer all around the world. But at the start of the Nintendo Switch, this wasn’t the case in Switzerland. Maybe in your country as well. So please let us know in the comments below. Continue reading “Something is rotten in the state of…”


Interview with DrinkBox Studios

This interview was published at on October 6, 2016:

We had the chance to interview Chris McQuinn, Designer/PR from DrinkBox Studios:

Many gamers loved the unused Mexican myth setting behind Guacamelee. It was so fresh to me as well and combined with the graphics, music and controls it was one of the best games I played in 2014 on my Wii U. Please tell us from the early beginnings how the idea behind Guacamelee began.juan_aguacate

The genesis of Guacamelee! originated from a few ideas that came from a “pitch” meeting a long time ago in the basement of our old office. One idea presented was a platformer where your traversal moves also served as combat moves. Another idea pitched was setting a game based on Mexican folklore, with the main character being a luchador. I also believe there was a dimension swapping idea for a platformer – that worked nicely  in with the Mexican folklore idea with the Day of the Dead dimension. A real mix and match of ideas. Continue reading “Interview with DrinkBox Studios”

Runbow: Interview with 13AM Games

This interview was published at on June 1, 2016:

We had the chance to interview 13AM Games about Runbow on Wii U:

What is 13AM in “13AM Games” standing for?runbow__hue_by_nibroc_rock-d98ac20

13AM actually stands for 13 alive meerkats, to celebrate one of our former members’ dream to have a small petting zoo filled with meerkats at his house. Am I telling the truth? Who can say… Continue reading “Runbow: Interview with 13AM Games”

fakt00r’s 3 most anticipated indies on Switch in 2017

Nindies on Switch

Yesterday Nintendo delivered a firework of good indie games coming this year on Switch. That isn’t just my opinion. Actually 12 thousand gave the following video a thumbs up and about 400 people a thump down. That’s remarkable.

Continue reading “fakt00r’s 3 most anticipated indies on Switch in 2017”

Guiding first steps

As a father of two young children I know that sooner or later they will start playing video games, exploring the internet and want a smartphone to chat with their friends twenty-for-seven. Children are naturally curious to explore new things. And as parents it’s our duty to lead them into these new worlds. With leading I don’t mean strict bans and hundreds of rules. With leading I mean show them good paths and be to them an example. Metaphorically: “Don’t forbid them to use a knife. Show them how to use a knife safely.” At least this is my mindset of parenting. Continue reading “Guiding first steps”

Shadow Puppeteer: Interview with Sarepta Studio

This interview was published at on May 18, 2016:

We had the chance to interview Sarepta Studio about Shadow Puppeteer on WiiU:l-JU58s5

I often have ideas when I go jogging. Is the great idea of Shadow Puppeteer, with its 2D-3D-combination, a product of a creative process or a random idea during another activity?

The concept for Shadow Puppeteer was originally developed as an entry to the “Dare to be Digital” competition. It was the result of a creative process, where we as a team generated ideas and chose one to develop into a concept. Shadow Puppeteer started with the initial thought: What if your shadow was alive? From that flowed a series of possibilities that were eventually shaped into the final concept. Continue reading “Shadow Puppeteer: Interview with Sarepta Studio”

Interview with Walfrido Abejón, creator of FreezeME

This interview was published at on May 3, 2016:

We had the chance to interview Walfrido Abejón, creator of FreezeME for WiiU.

What was the initial moment you decided to make a Mario 64 offspring?

Mario 64 is probably the title that had the biggest impact on my game development career. When I first played Mario 64 I spent so much time just running around the castle with no specific purpose, I felt like a kid in a playground. I always wanted to recreate a similar feeling for the players. Continue reading “Interview with Walfrido Abejón, creator of FreezeME”