SteamWorld Dig 2 to debut on Nintendo Switch this Summer

During today’s Nindie Showcase, Image & Form games made the opening splash with the worldwide announcement of SteamWorld Dig 2. When the game hits the Nintendo Switch console this summer, players can expect to partake in the underground platforming and digging action that its predecessor was known for. Continue reading “SteamWorld Dig 2 to debut on Nintendo Switch this Summer”


Interview with Walfrido Abejón, creator of FreezeME

This interview was published at on May 3, 2016:

We had the chance to interview Walfrido Abejón, creator of FreezeME for WiiU.

What was the initial moment you decided to make a Mario 64 offspring?

Mario 64 is probably the title that had the biggest impact on my game development career. When I first played Mario 64 I spent so much time just running around the castle with no specific purpose, I felt like a kid in a playground. I always wanted to recreate a similar feeling for the players. Continue reading “Interview with Walfrido Abejón, creator of FreezeME”

Pokémon Day! (Community Post)


We have more fond memories to share:

Why I play Pokémon?

It all started when I came to my middle school one morning, and guess what I saw!? Everyone, and I mean just about everyone, playing Pokémon no matter where I looked. (Kind of like crowed scenes of people playing PokémonGo, last summer.)

3 of my own friends were already playing it, and from that point I was determined to pick up this game for myself, even though I knew nothing whatsoever about Pokémon!

I asked my school friend for a few more dollars to have enough for Pokémon Blue Version, and rode my little 1-speed bike 35miles round-trip to Toys R Us after school!

What about the series draws me in?

Exploring the entire game world, and making connections in the real world! What I found in-game made an impact on what I did in connecting with other Pokémon trainers in the real life, and vice-versa!


Continue reading “Pokémon Day! (Community Post)”

Interview with Taylor Hajash, creator of Tiny Galaxy

This interview was published at on April 26, 2016:

We had the chance to interview Taylor Hajash, creator of Tiny Galaxy for Wii U.

Tiny Galaxy is the first game you made or at least you published. Tell me about the moment you decided to bring it to Wii U. Continue reading “Interview with Taylor Hajash, creator of Tiny Galaxy”

The New Nintendo Business

WHEN the Nintendo Switch was officially revealed in early January, President Tatsumi Kimishima took the stage. The banking history of Kimishima is far different from that of Iwata’s game development. Although Kimishima has stayed the same course Iwata laid before his tragic passing, we’re all finally feeling the effects of Nintendo’s new highest decision-maker. Continue reading “The New Nintendo Business”

Welcome to Into Nintendo!

into_nintendo_profile_imageWelcome to Into Nintendo!, “a community for Nintendo fans, by Nintendo fans!”

What exactly do we mean by that? Well, Into Nintendo! is meant to be a place where Nintendo fans of all ages can share their passion for all things Nintendo. Continue reading “Welcome to Into Nintendo!”