Spoiler-Free Tips for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Community Post)

Read all the descriptions for items and be creative! So much is possible.

Mike J.

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Pokémon Day! (Community Post)


We have more fond memories to share:

Why I play Pokémon?

It all started when I came to my middle school one morning, and guess what I saw!? Everyone, and I mean just about everyone, playing Pokémon no matter where I looked. (Kind of like crowed scenes of people playing PokémonGo, last summer.)

3 of my own friends were already playing it, and from that point I was determined to pick up this game for myself, even though I knew nothing whatsoever about Pokémon!

I asked my school friend for a few more dollars to have enough for Pokémon Blue Version, and rode my little 1-speed bike 35miles round-trip to Toys R Us after school!

What about the series draws me in?

Exploring the entire game world, and making connections in the real world! What I found in-game made an impact on what I did in connecting with other Pokémon trainers in the real life, and vice-versa!


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Welcome to Into Nintendo!

into_nintendo_profile_imageWelcome to Into Nintendo!, “a community for Nintendo fans, by Nintendo fans!”

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